Legal Indemnity Insurance for Construction Projects

December 22nd 2020
Legal Indemnity property Insurance

Whenever you’re looking to start a construction project, you need to make sure you have lots of different legal and insurance aspects covered before you even begin. A lot of the work that goes into these projects has a lot of money riding on it, so you need to be careful in terms of how they eventually pan out. Continue reading “Legal Indemnity Insurance for Construction Projects”

How do I Make Sure I Have the Right Construction Insurance in Place?

November 10th 2020

Why do I need Specific Property Developers Insurance?

October 9th 2020

What is Restrictive Covenants Insurance?

September 6th 2020
House with restrictive covenants

What is a restrictive covenant?

A restrictive covenant is a contract that limits the number of uses for land or property. The contract can have historical applications and may even date back hundreds of years. If the covenant is enforced, it will put your development on hold. Continue reading “What is Restrictive Covenants Insurance?”

Specialist Insurance for Trades

August 7th 2020
insurance for trades

When it comes to running your own trade business or working for yourself in the construction industry, you need to be fully insured – it’s not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of your staff and your clients, too. Specialist insurance for trades is one of the best things in which you can invest for yourself, and it’s not just because you’ll be covered in the event of an emergency, but because you can save money on your insurance policy, too. Continue reading “Specialist Insurance for Trades”

Liability Insurance For Licensed And Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal

July 1st 2020

The UK Property Market Post Coronavirus

July 1st 2020
UK Housing Market

There is one thing that we can say in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, and that’s that we don’t know what the world will look like once the virus has gone – if that ever happens. At the beginning of 2020, the property market was at a high. The housing market was off to the strongest start since 2016, and then Coronavirus arrived, and the growth that was predicted was abruptly halted. Continue reading “The UK Property Market Post Coronavirus”

Insurance for Safety Netting Contractors

June 8th 2020

Our Property Development Insurance Package

May 12th 2020
property insurance developers

At Construction Insure we offer the whole package when it comes to property development insurance, from Building Warranties to Contractors All Risk insurance. We know exactly what insurances you will need to keep your project covered, due to having years of experience working alongside Developers and Lenders, who return to us year after year for new projects.

Type of build :
If you are changing the structure of a building by more than 50 % / converting a barn or a residential Continue reading “Our Property Development Insurance Package”

Roofers Using Heat Insurance

May 1st 2020
roofing insurance

Public and Employers Liability for Roofers using heat needs to be got right. Hot works are a hazard and can cause all sorts of claims due to the use of naked flame. We have had blocks of flats burnt down cars blowing up, houses set alight to name a few.

When taking out insurance for roofing works, you not only need to disclose the heat works you are carrying out and what percentage of your work that equates to, but you also need to be reading the policy endorsements, following insurers guidelines on what they expect from their clients when carrying out such works. Continue reading “Roofers Using Heat Insurance”