What is Rent to Serviced Accommodation?

November 5th 2021
rent to serviced accommodation

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘rent to serviced accommodation’ before – if you’re interested in property, then this is probably the case. Maybe you’ve been wondering just what it means and why it could be an excellent investment for you. Let’s look more deeply into this.

Firstly, this is an information piece, we always advise you speak to a qualified financial advisor before making and financial or investment decisions. Continue reading “What is Rent to Serviced Accommodation?”

Why do I need Restrictive Covenants Insurance?

September 28th 2021
restrictive covenants boxes

If you are about to start work on a property or piece of land or you are in the process of selling, one of the issues that could arise is finding out that there is a restrictive covenant. Detailed and held with land registry documents, you may not even know it exists. If you ignore it and forge ahead with any works, you could see yourself creating huge legal problems for yourself as well as being unable to sell on. Continue reading “Why do I need Restrictive Covenants Insurance?”

Why Work With us for Construction Insurance?

August 10th 2021

How to Source the Best Property Developers Insurance

June 30th 2021

Property Boom 2021

May 27th 2021
house sales rising

Property prices have continued to increase during 2021, carrying on the trend seen last year. In fact, we’ve not seen this kind of pricing rise since 2007 and we all know what happened there. With people frantically buying properties, sometimes without even viewing them, are we likely to see this continue? Or will we see a crash in the market, similar to that of the noughties? Continue reading “Property Boom 2021”

Insurance Cover for Roofers

April 12th 2021
roofing work insurance

Working on roofs can be seen as a higher risk trade and that’s why working with a specialist construction insurance company is of benefit. Whatever the size of your roofing company, whether you are a large contractor or an independent or smaller company, we can help. Continue reading “Insurance Cover for Roofers”

What Insurance does an Air Conditioning Engineer Need?

March 17th 2021
insurance for air conditioning

An air conditioning engineer could be considered a high risk trade and therefore the right insurance is key. Whether you are working on a large scale project on a construction site, or fitting one unit to a residential house you need to make sure that you have the correct construction insurance cover in place. Continue reading “What Insurance does an Air Conditioning Engineer Need?”

What is Asbestos and why is it such a high risk to insure?

February 17th 2021

How to Get Insurance for Higher Risk Trades

January 29th 2021
tradesman high risk

First things first, what are higher risk trades within construction?
High risk trades within construction are those which could result in the loss or gain of huge financial remunerations. An example of this could be larger scale construction projects which may be responsible for millions of pounds. Similarly, steel erection, quarrying and diamond drilling are also considered high risk trades, particularly if it is a large-scale project or hundreds, or even thousands, of employees. Even smaller scale projects may be considered higher risk due to the potential dangers of hazardous locations involved so do speak to a specialist insurer to ensure you have appropriate cover. Continue reading “How to Get Insurance for Higher Risk Trades”

Legal Indemnity Insurance for Construction Projects

December 22nd 2020
Legal Indemnity property Insurance

Whenever you’re looking to start a construction project, you need to make sure you have lots of different legal and insurance aspects covered before you even begin. A lot of the work that goes into these projects has a lot of money riding on it, so you need to be careful in terms of how they eventually pan out. Continue reading “Legal Indemnity Insurance for Construction Projects”