What are high risk trades and what insurance would be most beneficial?

December 31st 2019
high risk insurance

As a trades business, the opportunity of taking on a large project can be daunting, but it allows you to grow your business thanks to the networking and client opportunities available. Whether it’s a building project for the local government or a large skyscraper construction project, it’s important that you protect yourself during these high-risk trades because there are many factors that could go wrong and ultimately harm your business. Continue reading “What are high risk trades and what insurance would be most beneficial?”

A checklist of what you need to consider when taking out insurance

November 29th 2019
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Insurance acts as a key safety net for your business. In the event of a potential disaster, the right insurance cover will guarantee that your business model is protected, and you will be able to continue as usual. However, there are numerous factors to keep in mind when you take out any type of insurance. Here are some of the key variables to consider. Continue reading “A checklist of what you need to consider when taking out insurance”

Unoccupied Property Insurance, do I need it?

November 4th 2019

Tips and advice on finding the best Architect for your project

September 26th 2019
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Home renovation can be a huge and demanding project and is rarely something you’ll be able to do alone. Often, renovators will hire a group of people to assist them with achieving the results they really want, such as construction workers, project managers, and architects. One of the most important people in a big renovation project is the architect. The architect comes up with detailed plans, making sure that everything is going to be safe and appropriate for the finished result – however, they can find themselves taking on a number of roles throughout the day. They may mediate, oversee construction, push the project forward, and more. Continue reading “Tips and advice on finding the best Architect for your project”

Why do you need Plumbing and Heating liability insurance?

August 23rd 2019

How to save money on performance insurance bonds

July 30th 2019
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Common in the construction and real estate industries, performance insurance bonds provide security to parties in the event that a project fails to reach completion. Following a bid process, the successful contractor will typically provide their client with a performance insurance bond. If the contractors fail to successfully complete the project, perhaps due to bankruptcy or a loss of workforce, the client can obtain compensation up to the value of the insurance bond.
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How to solve issues with property development insurance

June 20th 2019
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If you are working in the construction industry, then it is crucial that you do invest in insurance for your property development. This will protect you from financial issues that could cripple a project and ultimately your business. There are a variety of issues that you can face with property insurance so let’s look at how to solve these the right way. First, it’s important that you understand what property development insurance is and how it can help you.
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Do I need Contract Works Insurance?

May 8th 2019
Contract Works Insurance new House

Contract works insurance is an insurance policy that all banks and lenders are now asking for if you are a property developer or an individual doing a self-build and you are borrowing money, more than likely you will need a contract works insurance to satisfy the lender.

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The lowdown on Legal Indemnity Insurance

April 15th 2019
Legal Indemnity Cover

Legal Indemnity Insurance is a procedure which has the ability to protect you if there is ever any action taken against you with regards to a legal defect. An example of a legal defect could include the absence of planning permission for a patch of land or a restricted agreement that might limit any work being carried out on a property.

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Lenders and Property Developers

March 12th 2019
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For property developers, having to get everything in line sometimes to pacify lenders can be a real headache! Lenders want the lot when it comes to insurances to protect their funding, rightly so!Therefore, they are fully up to speed when it comes to insurance and requesting the correct policies that will protect their and their clients’ money and making sure these documents are noted and read as well as they need to be for them to be accepted.

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