Liability Insurance for Asbestos Contractors

Asbestos insurance we split in two categories, licenced and non-licenced works therefore achieving competitive premiums. Whether you only do a small amount of asbestos removal as part of large overall contracts or in isolation, we can tailor a policy to meet your needs.

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  • Non Licenced Asbestos Removal
  • Licenced Asbestos Removal
  • Demolition Insurance

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Asbestos is a toxic chemical, is life threatening and causes environmental health risks where you live and work, which is why in the insurance industry Asbestos removal insurance for licensed and non-licensed works is categorised as a High-Risk trade, meaning your run of the mill insurers will not quote for this trade type, which is why you need to come to Construction insure so we can source you the best cover to protect your company and your employees from injury or financial losses.

Asbestos Contractors, whether it be licensed or non-licensed asbestos removal need to be covered for Public Liability and Employer’s Liability (if you have employees). The levels of cover for Asbestos Public Liability Insurance are 1,2 and 5 million for public liability and 10 million for Employers Liability. Non- licensed asbestos removal insurance is easier to place cover for than licensed asbestos insurance, but if you are a reputable company with many years of experience behind you and have been claim free, then there will be no problem in obtaining you good cover and rates for asbestos removal insurance.

So whatever area of Asbestos Removal Liability Insurance you are involved in, we will work with you to establish what you should and shouldn’t be covered for you, give you a few options, with the result being a bona-fide policy which will insure your Asbestos company adequately.

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Working in potential Asbestos Environments

It is not only Asbestos contractors who need to disclose if they are carrying out asbestos works, it could also be a trade like Demolition contractor’s insurance, who risk being exposed to asbestos when tearing or stripping down a building. A demolition contractor will carry out an Asbestos Survey initially and if there is Asbestos contained in the structure they are demolishing then they will need to make sure they are covered for this if they decide to remove it.

Demolition Contractors and Asbestos Insurance

The norm is for a demolition contractor to let us know that they could be involved in asbestos removal which is usually of the non-licensed asbestos nature and in this case, we would usually add it as a small percentage of works carried out in their policy make-up. We would also need to be notified if they were to get an asbestos contractor in as a bona fide sub-contractor, to carry out any licensed asbestos removal and we would again add this in as a percentage of business activity type, which would usually be less than 2 percent of turnover.


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