Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance

Construction Insure is a specialist construction insurance broker and we have a bespoke insurance scheme for air conditioning engineers. The cover is tailored to the trade and cover liabilities contract works and contractors all risk.
We make sure you’re fully covered so there are no gaps at point of claim.

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As an engineer, specialising in air conditioning and ventilation, your work can be high risk. You could be working on a large new construction on a busy building site, or on a small domestic project, such as a property development. You could be at risk of causing damage to the building being worked on or harming members of the public. For either of these situations - and for any size project in-between - you need to be adequately insured against physical, financial or legal risks to yourself and to your contractor or clients. At Construction Insure we have created a specific air conditioning engineers’ insurance, designed to explicitly protect professionals like you.


What are the benefits to you?

Because we have forty years of experience in insuring the construction industry, we’re able to negotiate and offer a policy that has unique benefits for you. This includes cover for Professional Negligence, Financial Loss and even Loss of Keys. Our policy can be adapted to cover all types of Heating, Ventilating, Plumbing and associated business services. We’ve made sure that our premiums are as competitive as possible, because we want you to get the best cover for your hard-earned money. And we’ve put in place a UK-wide network of Account Handlers to work with you. They’ll look after you from your initial enquiry and manage the process for you if you do have to make a claim.

Why do you need Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance?

You may be an expert engineer but, sometimes, you’re only as good as the equipment you use. You need to be protected, legally and financially, in the case of that equipment failing, through no fault of your own. For instance, you may have installed an air conditioning system in a busy office, only to have it fail on a hot Summer day. (To safeguard against this kind of situation, we recommend an ‘extension of efficacy’ cover for air conditioning engineers.) If staff are unable to work, due to high temperatures, you may find yourself being claimed against for the implications of business interruption.

How else does Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance help you?

Or you may be working with a property developer on a project in a residential area, close to the public. You would need to be covered for personal injury to a third party or even property damage to a neighbouring building. The Public Liability aspect of our policy would cover you up to £5 million upwards depending on your request, while the Professional Indemnity would cover you up from £100,000. Without an insurance policy in place, the cost of a claim against you could be catastrophic for your business and your livelihood.

There are different types of add-on cover that are also useful and in some cases necessary for this type of work. Our standard and optional cover options can help you decide which type you require, or you can speak to one of our team.

Standard and Optional Insurance Cover

The standard cover for our Air Conditioning Engineers Insurance is:

  • Employers Liability: £10 million.
  • Public & Products Liability: £5 million, including damage to property being worked on.
  • Financial Loss: £100,000.
  • Professional Indemnity: £100,000.

The optional cover, which can be added to your policy, includes:

  • Contractors ‘All Risks’ in relation to contract works.
  • Your own and hired plant and employee tools.
  • Defective Workmanship.
  • Efficacy Cover



" Comparing like with like plus some lower excesses you have managed to save me in excess of £1500 or approximately 15% on my previous insurer. "

- Hew Stevenson


" We found you to be more thorough, efficient and reasonably priced than our existing insurer. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."

- Zena Nairi LLB (Hons)