JCT 21.2.1 Non Negligence Insurance

JCT 21.2.1 Non Negligence Insurance from Construction Insure, a specialist construction broker who are experts in the field of non-negligence insurance. Whether you need it as part of a development package, or as a one off, we have the facility to provide you with the best A rated insurance cover.

JCT 21.2.1 Insurance contract

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JCT 21.2.1 contracts are an essential insurance for individuals, developers or contractors taking on a build where there are neighboring properties. If structural, underpinning, piling or excavation works are taking place, you need to be covered in the event there is a non-negligent claim made against you, due to damage caused. If problems become apparent on a build, through no fault of the contractor, you need to be protected from any legal or financial repercussions. At Construction Insure, we can cover you for non-negligence claims that, otherwise, would leave you financially exposed.

What is JCT 21.2.1 Insurance?

As a responsible contractor, you’re no doubt thorough in every aspect of insuring your build or development. You may have policies in place for virtually everything that could go wrong, from professional indemnity insurance, to contract works insurance to damage or theft. But, even if you’re covered for every accident, injury or setback, there is still one aspect of a project that can, potentially, cause you liability issues.


This is known as non-negligence and it refers to situations outside your control and that are not your fault but could still be the cause of a claim against you. These could be, for instance, subsidence undermining your construction; vibration compromising structural integrity; removal of support or lowering of groundwater. To protect yourself, over and above any existing policies, you need JCT 21.2.1 insurance, which is a contract you enter into, jointly, with your client or employer.


There are different types of JCT Insurance policy available and at Construction Insure, we can advise you as to the right policy for you. We’ve been insuring contractors and property developers for forty years, so we can advise you on getting the protection you need.


Why do you need JCT 21.2.1 Insurance?

Although you would have taken care to evaluate the structural integrity of a building, there may be defects that aren’t immediately apparent on, or surrounding, the building. During the course of refurbishment or build, serious underlying problems may become exposed, that could, in the worst case, lead to the building being demolished. Which is where a JCT would safeguard you from the costs involved as a result of that decision. Your premium would be a fraction of the damages that could be claimed against you in such a situation. It is vital, if you are undertaking a development where there are structural works, a new build, or where there are excavation works and piling taking place, that you purchase JCT 21.2.1 insurance.

How do you get the right advice?

To get you the right JCT for your build, we would need information for both the contractor and the client. This would consist of, for example, both sets of contact details, the location of the contract site, the details of the contract and the value of the build. We do require other information, but we know the right questions to ask you to make sure you get the level of cover you need. Because we’ve been insuring the construction for a long time, we have the knowledge to give you the help you need to make sure you’re financially and legally protected from claims against you. Please call us on 020 3958 6868 so we can talk to you about the JCT that will work best for you.



" Comparing like with like plus some lower excesses you have managed to save me in excess of £1500 or approximately 15% on my previous insurer. "

- Hew Stevenson


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- Zena Nairi LLB (Hons)