Public Liability Insurance for Piling Contractors

Whether you are doing mini piling or piling works for structures large or small, or underpinning works for a commercial or residential property, we at construction insure understand the works you are carrying out meaning that we can provide polices at a good price with the right cover.

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contractors-insurancePiling contractors categorise as a high-risk insurance trade in the construction industry due to the depths worked at and the element of risk it entails. For instance, the piles could fail to operate which could mean catastrophic consequence to the structure it is supporting. Therefore, it is crucial you protect your company from any large financial losses by being insured adequately.

At Construction Insure we aim to protect you against any legal liabilities that might be made against your company for personal injury or property damage by getting into the full details of your company making sure we are insuring you for the correct activities you are carrying out to avoid insurers walking away from claims due to non-disclosure. Piling works are required in construction when the existing ground is not strong enough to support the weight of a new structure. By drilling down a certain number of piles into the ground at a certain depth it will provide adequate foundation for the new structure to be built on.


Types of Piling Works

There are many different types of piling works that are carried out as depth and type of piling is dependent on the weight of the structure the piles will be supporting. IE. For a large block of new build apartments, the piles could be driven 30 metres down where as a new build house could only require a 3m depth to support the structure. There different types of piling methods and we can provide insurance for piling contractors based anywhere in the UK.

New Developments Contracts

The majority of works for Piling contractors or Pile Drivers will be as part of an overall contract form a new development, so it is so important that your Piling insurances are in place not only to protect yourself but also for whoever you are working on behalf of. You must disclose your correct turnover, exactly what works you are carrying out (as many piling contractors also carry out other groundworks activities as well) and also what depths are being worked to. If you are working at depths over your insured limits midterm through your insurance policy, insurers must always be notified to keep you covered.

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We understand that one on the major risks in groundworks is the potential hazard of what lies beneath the surface. Water mains being one of the major players when it comes to the most common type of claim made by piling contractors. Our job is to make sure you are covered either as a contractor working on own contracts, as a bona-fide sub-contractor working on behalf of a building developer or working under a building contractor.

Liability Insurance Limits

There are different limits of liability insurance when it comes to piling insurance. You can opt for 1,2 or 5 million public liability and 10 million employer’s liabilities. We do offer the most comprehensive and competitive rates on the market and pride ourselves on extracting the correct details from our clients. So, for pile driving and piling contractor insurance please contact us now on 020 3958 6868 for a quote.



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