Fleet Insurance for the Construction Industry

At Construction Insure we are market leaders when it comes to fleet insurance. We do not just take your money, but give you continued advice on how to keep your fleet running at a low loss ratio, throughout the course of the insurance year.

fleet Insruance Policy

  • Claim management
  • Telematics advice
  • Camera technology
  • Employee XS contracts

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At Construction insure the type of clients we handle for fleet insurance range from large fleets of around 500 vehicles down to small company fleets starting at just three vehicles. We have developed strong relationships with all of the Fleet insurers, which means we can source you the very best rate, whether you’re a new client or a renewing customer. Our fleet insurance experience also means we can accurately evaluate what you should be paying, based on your claims history.

If you run a fleet of vehicles, whether that’s three vans or a 100 HGVs, you know they’re a vital part of your business. Any time they’re off the road, due to a breakdown or an accident, costs you money. It may mean you have to hire another vehicle or, even more costly, jeopardies an important deadline. And, as increasing traffic density and tighter construction project timings put pressure on your drivers, how do you keep them safe and your vehicles protected? Vehicle Fleet Insurance is only part of the answer. Efficient and intelligent Fleet Management is the way to make a positive difference to your drivers, your vehicles and your profit. At Construction Insure, we’ll not only use our solid and reliable contacts to get you the lowest premiums with A rated insurers, we’ll work with you to manage and help you be in control of your vehicle fleet.

How does Fleet Insurance help you?

Fleet Insurance simplifies your business life. It gives you more benefits than insuring each car, van or truck individually. And it costs you less money. Here are a few of the main benefits to you: All your vehicles will be covered under one policy. This means easier administration. Any Driver Cover means that any of your staff can drive any of your vehicles. Alternatively, you can add stipulations, such as a minimum driving age in the policy of over 21 years or over 25 years. This can include drivers with license restrictions, which gives you greater flexibility. If you have mixed vehicles, such as a private car, commercial vehicle or truck, these can all be insured under your single policy, making your life easier. And there’s just one monthly premium payment to cover your fleet, which your Accounts department will appreciate. In addition, if you have any cars or vans currently insured with a no-claims bonus, we can transfer that to a fleet - as long as the insurance has been claim-free.


How does Fleet Management help you?

The key benefit for you is control. We won’t simply insure you, we’ll work closely with you to keep your initial premiums as low as possible. But, more than that, we’ll help you improve the road behaviour, driving ability and accountability of your drivers to keep your premiums low in the years to come. You’ll see lower fuel costs, less accident risk to your fleet, improved transport efficiency and higher productivity. Fleet Management can help reduce overall costs, help you better manage overheads and cash-flow and therefore help increase business profits too.

Getting the best Fleet Insurance

The kind of information we need to know is: the types of vehicles you want insured; the age and value of your cars, vans or HGVs, etc. Who the named drivers are if you’re not opting for an open driver policy; what the fleet is used for i.e. the nature of your business; the level of cover you need and what telematics, if any, you have fitted to the vehicles. The more we know, the better we can help you. For construction businesses, and associated trades, that run a stable of vehicles, Fleet Management is vital in keeping your costs lower.

What else do you need to think about?

Your vehicles are an investment and a vital part of your business. You need to protect that investment and that means adopting a security strategy. Alarms, immobilisers, central locking, dash cams and GPS tracking will all help keep your vehicles safe from theft and fraudulent insurance claims. GPS tracking will also make sure you know where your fleet is at all times. And where your drivers are too. And, as your drivers are part of your investment, all of this telematic protection and claims management will help them become better drivers, which will also have an enormously beneficial effect on your company’s fuel bill.

How do you get the right advice?

At Construction Insure, we have forty years of construction industry experience. So, we know we can get you the right cover. We also know that, with intelligent Fleet Management, we can keep your premiums low and your fleet protected. For us, it’s not about just taking your money. We actually want to help you keep your premiums down. For instance, we’ll monitor your claims closely and notify you if we feel your claims are getting out of control. This will have a positive impact on your renewal costs. Please call us on 020 3958 6868 so we can talk to you about your requirements. Then we can get you the right insurance cover for you.



" Comparing like with like plus some lower excesses you have managed to save me in excess of £1500 or approximately 15% on my previous insurer. "

- Hew Stevenson


" We found you to be more thorough, efficient and reasonably priced than our existing insurer. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."

- Zena Nairi LLB (Hons)