Property Owners and Landlords Insurance

We offer comprehensive cover for Landlords at a competitive premium, not only do we cover the standard perils of buildings/loss of rent/contents/subsidence /malicious damage etc, we can also include rental guarantee and boiler breakdown. We cover unoccupied buildings insurance, unoccupied buildings insurance undergoing works and buildings insurance occupied covering all tenant types.


  • Landlords Insurance
  • Unoccupied Buildings
  • Undergoing Works
  • Buy to Let Insurance
  • Land Liability Insurance

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Whatever aspect of a build you’re involved with, it makes financial sense to be fully insured. Whether you’re at the planning stage, dealing with land clearance or the details of the actual build, you need to obtain cover for your liabilities, legal indemnities and material losses. But, what’s sometimes overlooked is that the property itself needs to be insured, separately from your other policies. You could have purchased a building that’s been unoccupied for several months, prior to refurbishment or development. That building would need its own cover. Or you may have a newly built property, which is at the stage where it’s been made watertight. At this point, a contractor’s policy or a contract works policy would no longer cover the build. So, again, you would need specific cover. This is where property owners insurance is required to protect your investment. It takes a good broker, experienced in the construction industry to know details like this. At Construction Insure, we’ve been brokering policies to protect developers and contractors for forty years, so we know which cover you need for every stage of your build or development.

Why do you need Property Owners Insurance or Landlords Insurance?

Here are some examples where specific landlords or property owners insurance is needed. Starting with unoccupied property for new build developments: You may have developed a multi-property site, with the intention of retaining some of the properties for yourself. You would require Landlords Insurance to protect your new status. Or you may have developed a block of flats or an apartment building, specifically to retain and let. In this instance, you would need Property Owners Builders Insurance.


Unoccupied Property Insurance

In addition, some of the buildings or apartments would have to be insured as an Unoccupied Property Awaiting Sale. And, if you’re retaining some of the properties, they would have to be insured as Unoccupied Awaiting Tenants. It’s important to understand the rules surrounding this so that you are covered for any eventuality. If you are unsure as to whether your property would classify as unoccupied then simply get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

How does Property Owners Insurance help you?

Once we know the details of your development or build, we have several levels of property cover we can offer you. These are: FLEEA, which is termed as basic cover. This covers you for Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion or Aircraft. A level above that is Level 2 cover. This includes all the FLEEA protection, with the addition of subsidence and water damage insurance. Above both of those is Level 3, which is termed as ‘full perils’ and has no exclusions (subject to risk area and previous claims history).

Getting the right advice

We will advise you on which level is the most appropriate for you. If you are intending to keep your build as an investment, perhaps as part of a growing portfolio, we can offer you the best cover on the market. This includes policies for: Loss of Rent; Building Insurance; Malicious damage, theft and accidental damage. Additional benefits, which come without an extra charge, are: Rental Guarantee; Boiler Breakdown; and Legal Cover.

Finding the right property owners insurance for you

It’s by discussing and understanding the details of your development or build, that we can broker the best options to protect you. And, if you only require short-term cover, we have insurers who can facilitate 3 and 6 month policies. Alternatively, you can choose a 12-month policy, which you can cancel at any time on a pro-rata basis. Which means that you won’t be tied into your policy for an entire year. Simply call us today on 020 3958 6868 for impartial advice.



" Comparing like with like plus some lower excesses you have managed to save me in excess of £1500 or approximately 15% on my previous insurer. "

- Hew Stevenson


" We found you to be more thorough, efficient and reasonably priced than our existing insurer. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."

- Zena Nairi LLB (Hons)