Fleet Insurance Risk Management

Construction Insure are Fleet Insurance specialists, not only providing great premiums, but also giving you the best advice regarding risk management. Enabling you to save thousands on your fleet insurance. Our fleet specialists work with you closely throughout the year, protecting your drivers, your vehicles and your business.

Managing Fleet Insurance Risk

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Getting Expert Fleet Insurance Advice

At Construction Insure we have fleet insurance experts who have been handling client’s fleets that range from 3 – 500 vehicles for many years now. These experts have gained great expertise and knowledge along the way and know what it takes to help the client pay bottom lines rates per vehicle for their fleet insurance, enabling greater profits for the companies they work alongside.

It’s an obvious choice working alongside Construction insure when it comes to fleet insurance, as not only do we think about the current years and the back years we also plan out for the future years, by analysing what is and isn’t working and putting a solid structure in place moving forward.

On large fleets if they come to us in a bad state, riddled with claims we start of by having meetings with the fleet manager or operations manager of the company every 2 months to run through stats. As time goes by and the claims ease, these meetings become further apart, and the fleet ends up running well. Due to our history of running low loss ratio fleets with several composite insurers we do get favourable market rates, as the insurers have confidence in us that when we take a client on losses will be kept to a minimum.

Having your claims ironed out is no easy process and is a commitment over a 2 / 3 year period, it takes some bold changes and can cost a bit of money implementing these, but this investment will reap benefits/better profits further down the line.

Our Fleet insurance risk management specialists are there to help and are there to better premiums and protect the drivers, vehicles and your business. This is all for free and no additional charge on top, it’s a great service and one which is guaranteed to save you money and time.


How does Fleet Risk Management help?

Because we work closely with our clients, one of the first thing we will do is look at your existing insurance, what claims you’ve had and the vehicles within your fleet. From this we can assist with a number of different things. The first and most obvious is by finding you the best deal on your fleet insurance that is aimed at your circumstances and the risks involved in your particular fleet of vehicles. But more that, we can also offer advice in how to ensure you can keep premiums lower in future years, things such as driver performance.

How to get the best Fleet Insurance

In order to prepare a full and thorough quotation we need some information from you. Namely, the types of vehicles including the age and current value. Who your drivers are and their driving history. We also need to know the nature of your business, what your vehicles are used for, how often and the involvement of telematics (if any). The more information we have, the better we can help you. If you are struggling to pull everything together then our team can help advise on how to find information such as vehicle value.

Other Things to Consider

Your vehicle fleet is an asset and no doubt a vital part of your business. For some companies, their vehicles are critical to business operations. This is why it’s so important to ensure that these assets are protected. You may want to think about security measures that you have in place currently and whether they are adequate. Having better security in place not only protects your vehicles, your staff and your business, but it can also lead to lower Insurance premiums. This can include anything from GPS tracking, dash cams and where vehicles are kept.

How to get the Best Advice?

At Construction Insure, we are more than happy to offer advice about fleet management, security and risk management and of course, your fleet insurance needs. With over forty years of construction industry experience we are confident that we can get you the right cover and keep your premiums low. Because we are independent we have access to a large range of options and will often present a handful to discuss with you. Once you are a client, we keep a close eye on things, so that if claims are climbing or we see potential issues we can bring in to your attention to try and help keep renewal costs down.



" Comparing like with like plus some lower excesses you have managed to save me in excess of £1500 or approximately 15% on my previous insurer. "

- Hew Stevenson


" We found you to be more thorough, efficient and reasonably priced than our existing insurer. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone."

- Zena Nairi LLB (Hons)