Unoccupied Property Insurance

At Construction Insure, we help property developers protect their investment by making sure they have the right insurance while their property is unoccupied. Whether its prior to planning permission being granted and actual building work beginning, or if the property is to remain unoccupied for a long time, before being sold.

What is Unoccupied Property Insurance?

Client quote discussion over documentsIf you’re a developer, you know that obtaining a property to carry out works on, is only the first step. Getting the appropriate planning permission can sometimes be a very lengthy process. Depending on whether you’re, for instance, repurposing the building, or perhaps heightening it above the treeline, you may have to enter into time-consuming consultations and meetings with local councils or residents. Or due to there being a Restrictive Covenant on the property there could be further delays. The time between purchasing your property and actually getting approval to develop it could easily be months. During that time, your investment will be unoccupied. So, in order to protect it, prior to any work beginning, you need to have Unoccupied Property Insurance which will not only cover the buildings but will also give you cover for Property Owners Liability. To help you do this, you require a broker with long experience of all the insurance requirements of the construction industry. At Construction Insure, we’ve been protecting developers and contractors for forty years, so we know the cover you need for your development.

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Why do you need Unoccupied Property Insurance?

While your building is empty, you need to make sure that, if anything happens to it, you don’t suffer financially. The potential issues range from floods or escape of water to fires, squatters, theft and even vandalism. We will make sure you’re covered for all these eventualities and give you an option of different level of cover to suit your needs. It’s also important to know that, whatever your intentions are for your property, you need to declare them, in detail, to your insurance company. Any discrepancies between what you tell them and what you actually intend to do, will cause you problems in the event you have to make a claim. You may be planning to extend the existing structure, or you may want to carry out major structural alterations, such as excavating a basement or substantially altering the property’s footprint. Whether your plans are relatively modest or large-scale, or whether you’re intending to sell the property or keep it to rent out, your insurer has to know. Which is why you need a broker who knows what an insurer wants. And, because we have access to insurers who allow cancellation on short notice, you won’t have to be tied into your policy for a whole year.

How does Unoccupied Property Insurance help you?

Depending on the level of protection you want, there are a range of different insurance policies we can help you secure. For example, at the basic level there is: FLEEA, which covers you for Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion or Aircraft. Level 2 cover includes all the FLEEA protection, but with additional subsidence and water damage insurance. Then Level 3, or ‘full perils’ fully covers you for any issues, with no exclusions (although this is dependent on location and previous claims history). If you are intending to keep your property after the build is complete, perhaps as part of your portfolio, we can offer you additional insurance, such as: Loss of Rent; Building Insurance; Malicious damage, theft and accidental damage. Additional benefits, which come with no extra cost on your premium, are: Rental Guarantee; Boiler Breakdown; and Legal Cover.

Getting the best cover for you

At Construction Insure, we take the time to understand you and your requirements and because we are independent we have access to the best policy solutions on the market. Our years of experience and expertise will ensure you get the right advice and therefore have the best protection for your unoccupied property.

How do you get the right advice?

We have the knowledge and experience to give you help and advice about all aspects of your insurance cover. Please call us on 020 3958 6868 so we can discuss your needs. From there we can provide you with a no obligation quotation for your Unoccupied Property Insurance. We offer a range of Insurance products aimed at the property owner.



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- Zena Nairi LLB (Hons)