Contract Works Check List

As a Building Contractor or a Property Developer, Contract works forms a vital part of your cover if you are doing new builds or building outside of the original structure i.e. Double storey extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions etc.

If you are undertaking these type of activities and Contract works is not part of your insurance, you are heavily exposed. At Construction Insure when we speak to you, we understand what you are doing and therefore present you a good reason why you need a certain insurance.

As Contract works covers you for the contract you are working on you need to:

  • Declare your Turnover.
  • Length of Contract
  • Maximum value of any 1 contract or contract if it’s just for a one of project.

Some property developers to protect themselves will take out what’s called a Contingent cover for the works. What this means is either both parties get noted on the Contract Works insurance for that specific contract which is known as a JCT 5.4, or the developer takes it out in his name covering the contract. So, if for any reason the Contractors policy was to fail, due an endorsement or not enough cover, there would still be insurance in place with the contingent contract works policy.

Alternatively, the Property Developer can be noted as an Indemnity to Principle on the Contractors policy, but again its always wise to check the contractor’s details and make sure they have adequate sums insured noted for the contract and there are no endorsements on there re heat works, ground works, piling, underpinning, demolition or any other high-risk activity.

It’s always best to have a chat with us at Construction Insure so we can go through your details and give you a few different options for a Contract Works insurance that will hopefully meet your needs.

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