Lenders and Property Developers

March 12th 2019
finance for property

For property developers, having to get everything in line sometimes to pacify lenders can be a real headache! Lenders want the lot when it comes to insurances to protect their funding, rightly so!Therefore, they are fully up to speed when it comes to insurance and requesting the correct policies that will protect their and their clients’ money and making sure these documents are noted and read as well as they need to be for them to be accepted.

Buildings insurance for property developers with First Loss Payee having to be noted, Right of Light Insurance, Joint names Contract Works insurance policies, Non-Negligent insurance to name a few.

At construction insure, we can source all these policies in house and have the expertise to know where to place these policy types straight away, saving you time and money, meaning you can receive funding a lot quicker, which will in turn mean you can get on with the most important THING WHICH IS THE BUILD!!

The last thing that a property developer needs to do is have all these property developer insurances scattered around with different brokers.

At Construction Insure, we are Construction Insurance specialists, meaning that we are a one stop shop when it comes to your insurance needs. We give fantastic advice, understand what works are being carried out and can relay our knowledge to our clients, so they fully understand what it is they have paid for and how it will protect them in the event of a loss. We find it so important that our clients are educated, and we get a real sense of appreciation from them that we have opened their mind to the thinking that they have purchased so much more than an expensive piece of paper.

Construction Insure has access into all the best insurers in the Construction Insurance market, which is why we do not fail when it comes to getting the most comprehensive policies at the best possible rates.