Why do you need Plumbing and Heating liability insurance?

August 23rd 2019
image of a lady with faulty plumbing

At the moment, business costs are climbing, with budgets being stretched further than ever, constantly under scrutiny. Plumbers are one set of traders that are being hit in the bank account, and as much as possible, plumbers will want to cut down on all unnecessary expenses.

The problem is that a great many plumbers and tradespeople are cutting down on the critical expenses. Public liability insurance and insurance for tradespeople need to be one expense that is left alone. It’s not an expense that you should skip out on, and in a lot of cases, it can protect you from the more significant costs much further down the line that comes from public liability claims. Whether a plumber is self-employed or not, it’s so important to have the right plumbing in place.

It protects your business, your future and everything in between. Plumbers who take pride in their work will be doing everything that they can do finish their work efficiently and with the highest standards.

Liability Insurance

It’s not compulsory for a plumber to have this cover as part of their insurance, but it is considered to be professional and ethical practice to have this in place. A lot of customers will ask whether you have it in place, and if you don’t, it can turn a potential customer into a dead fish in the water. You need to be able to show people that you do have the right coverage in place to make them feel like you’re serious about your business.

Many plumbers are fantastic in their work, but humans’ error and that’s normal and natural. Without liability insurance, a poorly installed tap or pipe can be devastating to a business. Someone who isn’t a customer can suffer because a job has gone wrong, and the last thing that any plumber wants is not to be ready in case of a claim being made.

Plumbing Insurance

Other options for plumbing insurance is employer’s liability insurance. If you are a contractor and you employ others, then you need to have this in place so that you can look after health and safety properly. Many plumbers work the heating engineer angle which can be dangerous. Being exposed to hazardous chemicals and conditions as a plumber is common, and if you are an employer, you should be making sure that your employees are covered and safe in their jobs.

In a high-risk trade, insurance is vital for success. With every project that a plumber takes on, hazardous situations are present. You need to ensure that you are covered for every eventuality and you need to be honest on your website and in your dealings with customers and employees that you carry the right insurance. It may sound complicated, but whatever policy you need to have in your job you need the right insurance provider to help you to work out the correct details. Here at Construction Insure we can find exactly the right policy for you and your business.