What is latent defects insurance and why do I need it?

August 13th 2018

Insurance for types of high risk trades

July 4th 2018
High risk trades insurance provision

Insurance for high risk trades can often be an expensive business for obvious reasons. However using a specialist broker who understands these specific needs and knows which insurers are best suited to your requirements can help you to get the best deals.

Here are some of the most common high risk trades and how a specialist broker can help with insurance for each. Continue reading “Insurance for types of high risk trades”

Contractors Combined Insurance – Refurb IT All Ltd

June 14th 2018
contractor insurance quote

This week at Construction Insure we have placed cover for a North London Building Contractor called Refurb It All Ltd, which is run by Sanjay and Zena Nairi. The business which is going from strength to strength, specialising in refurb, new build, lofts and extensions, came to us to make sure they were covered adequately and to see if we could offer a more competitive rate. Continue reading “Contractors Combined Insurance – Refurb IT All Ltd”

Why use Construction Insure for Building Warranty Insurance

June 13th 2018

Property Development Insurance for an Architect’s Project

June 7th 2018

Building Contractors still failing to insure their businesses adequately

May 31st 2018

Renovation Insurance case study for a residential dwelling

May 7th 2018
Residential Renovation Insurance

Project: Full renovation of property including removal of several walls, reconstruction of rear extension.
Project value: £1,000,000

Products taken up: 1) Existing Structure undergoing works insurance, 2) Contingent liability insurance & Contract Works Insurance, 3) JCT 21.2.1non negligence insurance, 4) Performance bond and 5) Building Warranty. Continue reading “Renovation Insurance case study for a residential dwelling”

Things to consider for your Fleet insurance and Mini Fleet Insurance

May 2nd 2018
Fleet Insurance for Vehicles

We have quite a few new Motor Fleet Insurance customers come to us due to a severe increase in their renewal premiums. Is it too little too late or can we pull a rabbit out of the bag and get the cost of their increasing Mini Fleet and Fleet Insurance premiums down.

Unfortunately, in most cases there is no magic to be performed as the claims clients are having and the frequency they are having them at far outweighs there premium. The result when this happens is the fleet insurance market looks at the presentation when presented with it, sees the risk will only lose money and either decline or place extremely high premiums on it. Continue reading “Things to consider for your Fleet insurance and Mini Fleet Insurance”

Property Developer Insurance for a Development in Aberdeen

April 10th 2018
property develops insurance

A recent Property Developer Insurance policy we placed was for a development in Aberdeen. The property was purchased by the developer 2 years ago to renovate and sell. The property developer did the refurb and placed the property up for sale. Unfortunately the property was not selling, so she decided to take it off the market and apply for planning permission instead.

The planning permission was to turn the chalet style house into two flats. After a 12 month period she finally got the planning and thats when Construction Insure were contacted to advise on the relevant insurances she might need. Continue reading “Property Developer Insurance for a Development in Aberdeen”

Educating Building Contractors on the importance of having a Contractors All Risk Insurance

April 9th 2018
arranging contractors all risk insurance

It always amazes me just how many contractors trade happily, sometimes with, but more times without the knowledge that they are not adequately insured for the works they are carrying out. We are not talking about small contractors here with turnovers of 50-100k, but also large building contractors with turnovers of 3-4 million.

We had a great example this week of a building contractor with a 4 million pound turnover who was paying for just an expensive piece of paper Continue reading “Educating Building Contractors on the importance of having a Contractors All Risk Insurance”