How do I Know what Property Developers Insurance is Required?

February 13th 2019

Owner Controlled Contingency Insurance Program

January 23rd 2019
contingency insurance for developer

Why is it important for property developers to take out contingent cover against building contractors insurance policies?
Contingent Insurance for developers is becoming more of the norm nowadays after increasing claims are failing due to contractors having inadequate insurance.

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Design and Construct

January 17th 2019
construction work

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Building Contractors
We had a call recently from a building contractor regarding Professional indemnity (P.I.) Insurance cover. The reason for the enquiry was primarily due to the fact the contractor was also providing a small degree of surveying and architectural services which typically warrants professional indemnity insurance cover, covering against defective design.

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Insurance New Year’s Resolution for Property Developers

January 8th 2019

Insurance Backed Guarantee

December 12th 2018

Scaffolder Insurance Solutions

December 1st 2018

Assisting with Steel Erectors Insurance

November 26th 2018

Guiding our clients through Construction Insurance options

November 21st 2018

What is JCT Insurance and Why Do I Need it

November 9th 2018
JCT Insurance requirements

When it comes to your building project, you may need to consider taking out JCT insurance. This is in addition to ensuring that the contractor has public liability and contractor’s all risks insurance and that any professionals you appoint (such as an architect or surveyor) have professional indemnity insurance. Continue reading “What is JCT Insurance and Why Do I Need it”

What The Press Say

October 5th 2018
what the press say

It’s been a busy few months for Construction Insure’s campaigning MD Mark Herbert with widespread media attention for his efforts to improve practices within the construction and building insurance sector. Continue reading “What The Press Say”